The blog’s been a little quiet recently, I’ve been taking my annual ‘little break from shooting’, I’ve been really sick, and Winter is just a slower time for weddings here in the Midwest. I’m breaking the silence with one of my shoots I did on my recent trip to California! My husband and I have […]

Ok, first off, this is very unorthodox of me, I normally would never write a blog post complaining about my clients! {I love all of my clients…except these two.} Disclaimer aside, here’s the story. When I was over in Puerto Rico my husband and I were on a engagement shoot with this couple {who will […]

Here it is, the honeymoon post! I decided January would be the perfect month to torture everyone with pictures of warm beaches and tropicalness. You’re welcome. I give you the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. {Hanging out in Old San Juan} Just for the fun of it we did some reviews and critiques of our […]

Ok, here it is,  the post you have been waiting for. In fact you’ve been waiting so long for it you forgot you were waiting. I think one reason I put this post off is because I have so many images to show you  I just don’t know where to start.   How do you […]

About this time every year, millions of Northerners start dreaming of sand beaches and varying shades of blue water. They start making plans for spring break and some even go as far as to become “snowbirds”. (Which are ranks I’m planning on joining someday, btw.) I am not very unlike my fellow warm weather lovers, […]