Picture a beautiful barn sitting in the middle of tall old Oak trees and a perfectly golden wheat field. Imagine family and friends painting signs, hanging lights, and wrapping bouquets. Everything is beautiful. This was the backdrop for Nik and Jordan’s gorgeous wedding. Nik and Jordan were at one time indifferent and even ‘opposed’ to […]

Today was truly a beautiful day. Two great people became husband and wife. I really couldn’t decide what one image to use because they were just being so sweet together. So here’s two. So very happy for you Jordan and Nik!

Jordan and Olivia got married today! So so happy for these two! Many more to come.

I was so excited when Tim told me he figured out what we were going to do for our 2nd anniversary! My whole body was just giddy. (Which doesn’t happen that often) I love spending time with my man, and on an adventure, alone, with undivided attention, ah, just makes me so happy! The weekend started with […]