I was just looking through my hard drive and found a few pictures that make me happy.  {Gotta love kissing contests.} Looking at these images bring back such good memories from a bunch of my weddings. I love it when my clients are or become my friends and we can have fun together, before, during […]

I love Abby! She has been one of my good friends for many years now. {although I didn’t think she really liked me the first time we met, shhhh} Anyways I was super excited when she told me to block off May 28th because she was pretty sure this guy was going to ask her […]

Wow, a lot has happened since my last post about doing a photography workshop in Indiana! I’ve been so blessed by all the response and interest I’ve received. It was just something I thought would be helpful and fun and it’s turned into more than I thought it would! So here’s the deal, I’ve had […]

Januarys are for planning and reminiscing, or at least mine are. Looking through my archives of 2010 has been so fun. I reminds me of how blessed I really am. I hope you enjoy this smattering of 2010 life. {Snowboarding} Gotta start the year off right ya know. Februarys are for falling in love. ~~~ I […]

Now that the wedding season is over for 2010 I get to work on other personal projects. Stayed tuned for  {My wedding!} {These images are courtesy of JM Imagery}  I really can’t wait to tell you about our special day!I know you’ve all been really patient with me about this, and please continue.As we all […]

-Tiffany-Joe-Fall-Wedding-Love-Happiness all around- I can’t remember not knowing Tiffany. Our families have been friends for years and I’m so blessed that that’s true. One day Tiffany got a job in WI and I had a good feeling about this new adventure. It was my secret hope that she would meet a nice guy up there […]

Kate and Josh’s love story is so fun, adorable and just like a story book! How long have you been reading my blog? Do you remember a lovely girl named Kate? Do you remember her sister Elizabeth? Do you remember Elizabeth’s wedding? Do you remember that Elizabeth married a twin? Well it turns out that […]

Trent and Christina are awesome! They are such a cute couple and Tim {my awesome husband} and I had so so much fun shooting their wedding! Christina and her family are really good friends with my husband’s family and when it was time to book a wedding photographer they called Tim up. Their wedding was […]

This wedding I’m about to show you has quite an interesting and random story behind it. And since I like interesting and random I decided to share it with you. It all started many years ago when I was twelve. Jana and I were at the same girl’s conference in TN and she was the […]

Bri and Erika are two incredibly beautiful, talented, encouraging, fun and funny girls! (Because fun and funny are two completely different things.)  I got to hangout with them when I was in Cleveland shooting a wedding and I had a blast! We laughed so hard during that weekend! You can’t help but be excited and […]