I was so excited when Tim told me he figured out what we were going to do for our 2nd anniversary! My whole body was just giddy. (Which doesn’t happen that often) I love spending time with my man, and on an adventure, alone, with undivided attention, ah, just makes me so happy! The weekend started with […]

I had two main photographers at my wedding. Michaela and John and they did a fabulous job! The last wedding post featured Michaela’s work, now this one will have images from John. Enjoy. This is one my my favorite shots! John was there for the last part of the day so he shot our “urban […]

Hey everybody! Well here it is, one last post as a single person. I’m marrying {The Awesomeness, Tim Porter} in two days! It’s so exciting and overwhelming. I feel like I’m riding to the top of a roller-coaster and I’m about to drop, really hard and really fast. I like roller-coasters! Bring it on! I’ll […]

 Well after five consecutive days of Valentine’s Day celebrations and dinners I think I officially got my fill of the holiday. I had a blast this last week though! Too much fun:) I love creating gourmet dinners and desserts…next year, I think I’ll limit myself to one maybeeee two banquets. I don’t know what it […]