Ah, I don’t think Seth and Tina could be any cuter together, or more perfect for each other! Pretty much anyone that mentions their names in the same sentence ends up saying something about how perfect they go together. Needless to say I am super bummed that I won’t be able to shoot their wedding […]

This beautiful woman is married now, so I can post her bridals! According to her brother “she has always been the Disney Princess sister of the family.” Does her dress remind you of any dress you’ve seen before? Think yellow. She was so cute while we were shooting! She was finally feeling like her wedding was really […]

 I’m giving you warning, what you’re about to see might be too beautiful for your eyes to handle. These portraits are of a lovely lady named Jessica. I’m always happy when my Jessica Shae bff comes in town and we get to hang out. And what do photographer friends do when they ‘hang out’? Well […]