Happy Father’s day, daddy! You are a most amazing man, and I’m so honored to call you dad. I love you! ~Like my work on Facebook~Contact me about shooting~Follow me on Twitter~   Share

What’s one of my favorite parts about shooting a wedding? I love watching dads (or moms) with their little girls. They are about to give away their little princess to another man and it’s so sweet to document. I love to watch as they beam with delight, hold in the tears, hug longer than they’ve […]

Our sweet little baby is a boy! I am so pleased to announce the birth of our first child! There will be more details for any of you readers who care to hear, but for now I just wanted to keep all my followers up to date with the news. Give me a little while […]

This post is in honor of my wonderful dad. I’m so thankful the Lord gave him to me! He knew exactly what I needed. Someone who was wise, steady, and a peace-maker. Happy Birthday dad! Is is just me, or is it extremely hard to buy gifts for your parents? Not hard to buy, just […]