Goood morning, I’m back! Back from a wonderful maternity leave. If you want to see the adorableness I call my third born son please click here. I’m excited to get back to shooting once again! And when I’m excited I’m needless to say happy, and when I’m happy I like to give things to people. […]

Thank you to everyone for your support of me and my new website launch last week! If you haven’t been able to check it out do it now! I think I got all the glitches worked out but please let me know if you find one. I’ll stop talking now and get to why you’re […]

I hope you’ve been able to enter the last two giveaways of this week! But if not now’s the time to jump in! My new website is launching this Friday and to show my excitement I’m giving away lots of cool stuff to you guys! The third prize of this exciting week is…. A beautiful […]

It’s new website launch week, people! From time to time it’s good for photographers to ‘re-brand’ themselves. Freshen things up, refocus, and add new features to make our online experience more pleasant for our clients. So that’s what I’m doing this week! I can hardly wait for you all to check out the new site […]

I present to you Brian and Jaymee’s beautiful winter wedding. Portraits were taken by lake Geneva, and the ceremony and reception were held at The Starline Gallery. Kuddos to you Starline people, you’ve really made the space into a beautiful indoor event location. I’m always happy when Jessica Shae books a wedding in my neck […]

Oh. My. Word. I can’t believe how many of you guesed my inspiration words! I guess Hannah Nicole did an amazing job making my blog look exactly how I wanted it to look! So many of you guessed at least two of my words, but the one who actually had all three words that were […]

New blog contest time!!!! I’m so excited about my new blog and I just feel like giving something away! Hope you all don’t mind.  Ok, so here’s the deal, you check out my new blog (this blog) and then comment with the three words that you think best describe my style and the style of the […]

Welcome, and let me introduce you to my new blog! I am so so happy to have this done, (well mostly, there are few little things I still need to add). Hannah Nicole did beautiful work!  I told her I wanted people to feel like they were walking into a beach house, and I believe […]

This is it folks! My last post on the this old blog! Because.. ‘my site is almost done, my site is almost done, I ho the dairy-o, my site is almost done!’ After years of knowing I needed a change, it’s finally coming! If all goes as planned we will be lunching the new design this week. […]

O.M.W! It was so hard to pick the winner of the Spring photo contest! You all are some pretty talented and creative blog readers! Thank you to everyone for entering! After deliberation from myself and four other photographers we have a winner… Congratulations Hannah! Your beautiful image says “Spring time is here!”. Way to be […]