Remember the baby name contest I held awhile back? Well two of you guessed the right names! I’m actually really surprised…mainly because I thought we were having a girl and the girl names were harder to guess, but anyways. Allison M guessed Evan for a boys name, (now technically that’s not how we’re spelling it […]

Hello my friends! Thank you for being understanding as I take blogging a little slower these days. I believe family should come before business so I’ve been spending the last two weeks getting to know my newest little family member and trying to figure out this whole ‘being a mom thing’. So far it’s been […]

Our sweet little baby is a boy! I am so pleased to announce the birth of our first child! There will be more details for any of you readers who care to hear, but for now I just wanted to keep all my followers up to date with the news. Give me a little while […]

 So as you who have been reading my blog know, I’m having a baby! {Quite soon actually} Since I’m taking a break from shooting for the month but I still wanted to be updating the blog with fun things, I decided to hold a contest. A baby name contest. I will be giving a $5 […]