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Rainy Wedding Day

Hi! It’s good to be back! Winter is officially over and Spring has come! For much of the country, Spring means wedding season has started, but it also means rainy wedding days and unpredictable weather. I don’t’ know about everywhere else but if you get married in the Midwest during the Spring months you could very possibly have a rainy wedding day. I think Indiana is especially unpredictable, for example, it’s the middle of April and we had snow yesterday and we’ll have 70s tomorrow.

All that to be said, I wrote up a few tips I feel could be helpful as you plan your wedding day and the photography. These tips could be helpful for brides and photographers alike so keep scrolling. There was once a time in my early business that I thought all of my weddings would be on rainy days. I had about two years straight where it would rain or be overcast at almost every wedding so I gained a lot of experience with such things. This post is focused more on preparation vs. actual shooting techniques, I can cover how to shoot in overcast weather another time.

  I shot Riley and Hope’s wedding a couple weeks ago and they couldn’t have had better attitudes about it raining for their entire portrait time.

What do you do if it rains on your wedding day?

1.) Don’t stress out, there aren’t many who would choose to have rain on their wedding day but it can’t stop you from getting married or having a fun day.

2.) Have a backup plan for any events that were planned to be outside. Chances are you will still be able to find a break in the rain to get pictures outside at some point during the day but a ceremony is a little harder to move around. (I’m still an advocate for outdoor ceremonies, just have a plan!)

3.) Hire a photographer that plans ahead with finding good rainy shooting locations and or knows how to shoot well indoors.

4.) If you can see on the radar that rain is most likely going to happen go grab some clear umbrellas for yourself and the bridal party. Clear goes with everything and it lets the light through onto your gorgeous face.

5.) Have a second pair of shoes you don’t mind possibly getting a little dirty outside.

6.) Keep your hairstylist there all day for any touch-ups you might desire later on in the day. (This goes for really humid days as well.)

7.) Be flexible, there’s not much you can change about the weather, but you can decide how it will affect your attitude.

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I had rain on my wedding day and I’m still happily married!

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