Columbus Indiana Photographer | Thomas and Morgan : Engagement Shoot

Columbus Indiana Photographer

Last night everything came together for a really fun engagement shoot! We had to wait for what felt like the longest Winter Columbus Indiana has ever had, work schedules, travel, and finally, trees.  Not just any trees, a whole grove of magnolia trees that Morgan put in a specific request to shoot with. Thomas and Morgan drove three hours one way yesterday, and the sun broke out just for them. I’ve known Morgan for a few years now and I really enjoyed getting to know Thomas and them together as a couple. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that their September wedding is going to be a blast and I can’t wait to hang out with them again!

Thomas and Morgan met each other surrounded by a bunch of little kids at a children’s conference they were both leaders at. So when the boy scouts and a bunch of other kids randomly showed up to our very private and quiet shooting location I couldn’t help but laugh. How appropriate, kids, everywhere! After I double checked that they didn’t want forty kids running around in their engagement pictures we did our best to shoot romantic portraits in between the chaos. Good times. Oh, and thanks to Thomas demonstrating for us I’m one step closer (see what I did there) to learning swing dancing. Scroll down to see the first engagement shoot of the year and a really fun, adorable couple.

Columbus Indiana Photographer

Columbus-Indiana-Photographer Columbus-indiana-photographer Columbus Indiana Photographer

See, told you they are adorable.

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