Behind the Scenes of a Wedding Photographer

It’s that time of year again when all my weddings are done for the season, when I go through my hard drives to reminisce and find all the embarrassing behind the scenes photos that have never been before viewed by the public eye. At the beginning of each year I set a goal of weddings I’d like to take on, 2017 turned out to be the perfect number and the best group of couples. I love that every year I get a new group of friends I might have never made if it weren’t for my job. And if we were friends before we’re definitely closer after going through the wedding experience together!

My husband Tim was once again the best second shooter I could have. We have worked together so long we know what each other is thinking and maybe it’s just me but I feel like we shoot pretty seamlessly together. The majority of the time I get a review online they also mention Tim and how comfortable he made everyone feel. Love you, babe!

We love it when one of our past couples shows up at a wedding we’re shooting, reunion!

And it was so fun to be pregnant with many of my brides!

It was my complete honor to document three births for my brides (and sister, who are also my brides). Besides having another one of my own children this year being at those births was top of the list for life-changing moments of the year.

 The beginning of the year started with a trip to Califonia for some shoots. We will never ever get tired of shooting on the beach!

I love being 5.5 but sometimes you just gotta get a different angle!

In June I completed my ninth year of bossing people around in the most gracious manner I can. Unless you’re my sibling, then I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t use the word gracious.

Did I mention I love my clients?! If you hire me you better be prepared to have more fun than you thought you would and be open to the possibility of getting together to hang out at various times for the rest of our lives.

I gotcha, cake cutting instructions 101.

I’m so grateful for the community of other vendors and photographers we have around us. It was fun to help some friends second shoot, get some help when Tim was busy being a groomsman, and don’t get me started on the styled shoots we did this year, so much talent around here!

There were so many highlights of the season and lots of fun experiences! Shooting on boats, on beaches, in a Statehouse and in lots of snow! Not gonna lie, I wish we had video of me trying to get ring shots, while pregnant, on a moving yacht!

Thank you to my family, friends “followers” and clients for your support and for trusting me to capture your once in a lifetime moments for yet another year. I loved it!

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I’m not exaggerating when I say  I can’t wait for the weddings to start for 2018, I’m excited about every single one of my couples and I look forward to adding a few more to the schedule as the year goes on!

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