Stephen and Hannah : Proposal | Indianpolis Proposal Photographer

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with the people you love the most!
My Christmas was different in many special ways this year.
On Christmas Eve I had the honor of shooting my amazing sister-in-law get engaged to her prince charming, Stephen.
Hannah who is very hard to surprise, was surprised and completely blown away by his sweet proposal in Indianapolis.
Enjoy the adorable, sweetness that is Hannah and Stephen’s engagement.

 photo stephen-hannah-proposal-5839_zpsa71v1j2l.jpg
 photo stephen-hannah-proposal-5856_zpsjook4ral.jpg
 photo stephen-hannah-proposal-5860_zpsnmhw7upo.jpg
 photo stephen-hannah-proposal-5881_zpswrupirpi.jpg
 photo stephen-hannah-proposal-
 photo stephen-hannah-proposal-5953_zpstghhutgg.jpg
 photo stephen-hannah-proposal-5977_zpsee9juwkt.jpg
 photo stephen-hannah-proposal-5938_zpsma1cg2vn.jpg
 photo stephen-hannah-proposal-6001_zpsx7wuftno.jpg
 photo stephen-hannah-proposal-5997_zpsqysrb6wj.jpg
 photo stephen-hannah-proposal-6021_zpsfwneroe0.jpg
 photo stephen-hannah-proposal-6054_zpscqkob2hj.jpg
 photo stephen-hannah-proposal-6057_zpsif5fsufv.jpg
 photo stephen-hannah-proposal-6069_zpskglgdtze.jpg
 photo stephen-hannah-proposal-6078_zpssdhntlj5.jpg
 photo stephen-hannah-proposal-6133_zpsterb0zc1.jpg
 photo stephen-hannah-proposal-6147_zpsshx1im9y.jpg
 photo stephen-hannah-proposal-6173_zpsxf4p5zee.jpg
 photo stephen-hannah-proposal-6214_zpseecwwnm4.jpg
 photo stephen-hannah-proposal-6255_zps11tprnik.jpg
 photo stephen-hannah-proposal-6292_zpsb4zfucdu.jpg

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  1. Leah says:

    These pictures couldn't be anymore perfect! I feel like I could almost hear her out loud. Amazing.

  2. Elizabeth. says:

    Ahhhh, this makes me so happy!!! {yay yay yay} Hannah's joy is just priceless, especially in the 8th picture. 🙂


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