Andrew and Emma : Engaged | Oak Brook Engagement Photographer

It’s still kinda surreal that my ‘little’ brother is old enough to be engaged.
As I was editing through these images I had to stop a second, I saw the little three year old face of Andrew peeking through, the face you only see when he’s smiling his most genuine, happy smile.
Emma, you make him really, really happy, and it’s so sweet to see.

Growing up us sisters tried to pry out information about who he actually liked.
He stood firm and we never found out, which is probably wise on his part.
The first time I knew something was up was when it was time for him to go to college and I asked him what foreign language he was going to take.
He said he was going to take German. And he said in fact it was easier than Spanish.
Ha! What on earth would convince him of that?! Or who?
Seeing as Emma went to our church, was really athletic, was adventurous, was the right age, adorable, and had spent time living in Germany it all began to fall into place in my mind.
Andrew did indeed like a girl, and it turns out he’s liked one specific girl for many years.
And that girl is Emma.

 photo andrew-emma-engagement-evangeline-renee-photo-7644_zpst4i3vowm.jpg
 photo andrew-emma-engagement-evangeline-renee-photo-7568_zpsqvsbu27n.jpg
 photo andrew-emma-engagement-evangeline-renee-photo-7755_zpsq0k3md4g.jpg
 photo andrew-emma-engagement-evangeline-renee-photo-7735_zpshtxghrxu.jpg
 photo andrew-emma-engagement-evangeline-renee-photo-7506_zpsryzqtuj6.jpg
 photo andrew-emma-engagement-evangeline-renee-photo-7504_zpsigit8akk.jpg
 photo andrew-emma-engagement-evangeline-renee-photo-7874_zpstmsl8fti.jpg
 photo andrew-emma-engagement-evangeline-renee-photo-7763_zpseaov2r1k.jpg
 photo andrew-emma-engagement-evangeline-renee-photo-7684_zpscrra55aj.jpg
 photo andrew-emma-engagement-evangeline-renee-photo-7916_zpsf9idozwb.jpg
 photo andrew-emma-engagement-evangeline-renee-photo-7889_zpsy1kwixcz.jpg
 photo andrew-emma-engagement-evangeline-renee-photo-7653_zpsfmndyowb.jpg
 photo andrew-emma-engagement-evangeline-renee-photo-7560_zpsupwrcfn2.jpg
 photo andrew-emma-engagement-evangeline-renee-photo-7556_zpsc2omgbe3.jpg
 photo andrew-emma-engagement-evangeline-renee-photo-7866_zpsdkyouhhz.jpg
 photo andrew-emma-engagement-evangeline-renee-photo-7857_zpsvacaxrcq.jpg
 photo andrew-emma-engagement-evangeline-renee-photo-7837_zps01vwwxeo.jpg
 photo andrew-emma-engagement-evangeline-renee-photo-7621_zpsauqiix5a.jpg
 photo andrew-emma-engagement-evangeline-renee-photo-7552_zpske4hksyh.jpg
 photo andrew-emma-engagement-evangeline-renee-photo-7499_zpsdbquohsr.jpg
 photo andrew-emma-engagement-evangeline-renee-photo-7409_zpsdtftkk8b.jpg
 photo andrew-emma-engagement-evangeline-renee-photo-7515_zpswwsobgfg.jpg
 photo andrew-emma-engagement-evangeline-renee-photo-7318_zpsyhcdx4re.jpg
 photo andrew-emma-engagement-evangeline-renee-photo-7558_zpsu0jszdb2.jpg
 photo andrew-emma-engagement-evangeline-renee-photo-7924_zpscldb5sjz.jpg

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  1. Elizabeth. says:

    Beautiful images! And I think I recognize that lovely location, too – brings back so many great memories. 🙂

  2. Elisabeth says:

    This just made me smile! Maybe cause I have "little" brothers too, and understood your commentary so well, but also because their joy is evident.

  3. Phia says:

    *AH* you guys are 'dorbs…totes :') <3

  4. Love this so much!!!!!!

  5. How wonderful pictures you shared dear, Loved every pic. Well dear I wish you good luck. Hey when you are getting married, as I am getting married this year at wedding location venue. I am sure my guests are going to enjoy my wedding.


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