My Favorites of 2011 {Seniors}

 I don’t do a ton of senior shoots during the year because I focus on weddings,
but when someone asks I’m more than happy to oblige.
I started out shooting senior portraits and I’ve always enjoyed it.
To me seniors embody hope, they have their required schooling done and they are ready to take on the world.
I love talking with them while we’re shooting and hearing what plans they have, and what dreams they want to pursue.
I got to work with some beautiful and amazing people in 2011 and here are a few of my favorite shots.

Can we say gorg.eous!

Super awesome person right here!

Such a sweet go-getter!

Love this girl!

Almost too much pretty for this poor blog to handle!
Can’t wait to see what portraits I have the honor of shooting this year!

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  1. Hannah Elise says:

    absolutely gorgeous. love the rim lighting in Hannah's pictures..

  2. Rachel says:

    love fourth up from the bottom!

  3. Bekah says:

    Hi Evy!
    I have a really, really random question for you.
    Do you by any chance know (or know of) a couple who lives in Fishers, IN named Ryan and Lauren Ahlwardt?
    He sings tenor in the a cappella group originally from IU called Straight No Chaser. I'm a big fan of theirs and whenever I hear him say he's from Fishers I think, "Oh! That's where Evy lives!"
    See, I told you that was random! Just curious. 😀
    Beautiful photos, by the way!! Love them all!

  4. Evangeline says:

    Hey Bekah, No I don't know Ryan. I wish I did though, I love SNC!

  5. Sara says:

    These are absolutely gorgeous.


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