Isaac and Cheyenne : Engaged | Columbus Indiana

Mill Race Park Photos

I had so much fun meeting Cheyenne and Isaac. They’ve been to a few weddings I’ve shot before but we’ve never actually met. I felt like we were old friends right from the first few minutes. They are so easy-going and fun to be around.

They told me the story of how they met and I love it! We actually shot this engagement shoot on the two-year anniversary of their meeting each other. I love how timing works out sometimes! They were living close to each other but never met till Isaac was running a race in honor of their mutual friend that had passed away. Cheyenne was on the sidelines cheering people on and at the end of the race they both noticed each other. Isaac noticed she was wearing a sweatshirt with the same college he was attending so he went over to introduce himself. They both say it was love at first sight pretty much. He went home and started a Facebook for the first time just so he could friend her. She saw it was his birthday and said something. They started messaging back and forth, it then moved to text and the rest is history.

Isaac proposed on January 1st in the same spot they had first met each other. And they’re getting married this winter. I can’t wait!

As you will see they are so sweet together and can we say models?!

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