Kyle and Melissa : Wedding | Cantigny Park : Wheaton IL

Cantigny Park Wedding

Annnnd we’re back! My first wedding since our new baby! It was a gorgeous day to begin our 2021 season.

Kyle and Melissa got engaged on a beach in Mexico. So romantic, right? Well, it was! But then all the world got crazy with Covid and they almost didn’t make it back home to Chicago! They’ve been planning this wedding ever since, hoping it would all work out and everyone they wanted there would be able to make it. I’m happy to say all the planning paid off and it was simply gorgeous. They had their Cantigny Park Wedding and also enjoyed one of the prettiest days in May you could possibly have.

I didn’t know it at the time, but Melissa was a guest at this beautiful Winter wedding in ’19. When I saw her and Kyle’s inquiry pop up I was happy. I knew if they were friends with Elli and Bradley they must be pretty cool.

The story of how they met is fun. Melissa was talking with one of her best friends, asking if the friend’s boyfriend knew of any nice, tall guys at his new job. After inquiring of the boyfriend they found out that there was indeed a nice (and tall) guy at the new job. They respectively showed each other’s picture to Kyle and Melissa and Kyle and Melissa both agreed they’d like to meet. Everyone was excited about planning a double date together. Well, Melissa just went ahead and contacted Kyle and they scheduled a date right away. Why waste time, right? The date went super well, they felt like they had known each other for years. They both came away feeling like they were going to fall in love with this person. And so they did.

“They both came away feeling like they were going to fall in love with this person.”

The wedding was held at Cantigny Park in Wheaton, IL. Cantigny is a place that I used to visit as a kid and was also the backdrop so some of my very first paid photoshoots. It was so fun to go back after all these years. The ceremony was held in the rose garden and the reception was over at the golf course. Kyle was dashing and Melissa was completely stunning! The ceremony was sweet and the reception was fun, just as it should be.

Congratulations, Kyle and Melissa! Tim and I are very happy for you both! You two are so perfect together.

Cantginy Park Wedding Cantginy Park Wedding bridal party

rose garden in Cantginy Park Cantginy Park Wedding in rose garden

Cantginy Park Wedding cake

Cantginy Park Wedding at golf course Cantginy Park Wedding photo Cantginy Park Wedding

Cantginy Park Wedding

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