Michelle : Bridals | Columbus Indiana Bridal and Wedding Photographer

I adored shooting with Michelle last weekend! She’s so fun, and beautiful!
I had envisioned doing this shoot with the Magnolia trees that I knew would be blooming this Spring. And I’m so thankful we could make it happen at the right time. It did turn out to be freezing, but she was such a good sport and just went with the flow. I may or may not have grabbed anything warm we could find in the car to wear. If you saw a photographer wearing three layers of flannel shirts, it probably wasn’t me.
Enough about fashion, on to the bright pink trees, the spunky, curly girl, gorgeous, Michelle.
 photo evangelinerenee-bridal-columbus-indiana-bride-wedding-photo-4_zpsb4c919fd.jpg
 photo evangelinerenee-bridal-columbus-indiana-bride-wedding-photo-77_zps1d019eae.jpg
 photo evangelinerenee-bridal-columbus-indiana-photo_zps4821a9c8.jpg

 photo evangelinerenee-bridal-columbus-indiana-bride-wedding-photo-52_zpsc29cf518.jpg
 photo evangelinerenee-bridal-columbus-indiana-bride-wedding-photo-165_zps519b8fd8.jpg
 photo evangelinerenee-bridal-columbus-indiana-bride-wedding-photo-49_zps972982fc.jpg
 photo evangelinerenee-bridal-columbus-indiana-bride-wedding-photo-40_zpsf0a89b94.jpg
 photo evangelinerenee-bridal-columbus-indiana-bride-wedding-photo-59_zpsf4113f57.jpg
 photo evangelinerenee-bridal-columbus-indiana-bride-wedding-photo-55_zpsde00d7be.jpg
 photo evangelinerenee-bridal-columbus-indiana-bride-wedding-photo-43_zps04af8211.jpg
 photo evangelinerenee-bridal-columbus-indiana-bride-wedding-photo-184_zps70979c24.jpg

 photo evangelinerenee-bridal-columbus-indiana-photo-3_zps5bf55a9e.jpg
 photo evangelinerenee-bridal-columbus-indiana-bride-wedding-photo-122_zpsf29a1fcb.jpg
 photo evangelinerenee-bridal-columbus-indiana-bride-wedding-photo-80_zpsa9e9fc45.jpg
 photo evangelinerenee-bridal-columbus-indiana-bride-wedding-photo-53_zpsebf7545b.jpg
 photo evangelinerenee-bridal-columbus-indiana-bride-wedding-photo-144_zps15ff0c48.jpg
 photo evangelinerenee-bridal-columbus-indiana-photo-2_zpsebd5aded.jpg
 photo evangelinerenee-bridal-columbus-indiana-photo-6_zps60c07caf.jpg
 photo evangelinerenee-bridal-columbus-indiana-photo-5_zpsd7e31aa7.jpg
 photo evangelinerenee-bridal-columbus-indiana-bride-wedding-photo-119_zps6c357f3a.jpg
 photo evangelinerenee-bridal-columbus-indiana-bride-wedding-photo-133_zps023ade6c.jpg

 photo evangelinerenee-bridal-columbus-indiana-bride-wedding-photo-38_zpsf9da6768.jpg

 photo evangelinerenee-bridal-columbus-indiana-bride-wedding-photo-163_zps60431a52.jpg
 photo evangelinerenee-bridal-columbus-indiana-bride-wedding-photo-11_zps4dfd6746.jpg
Love her!

On another note, any of you even close to Naperville IL have to come and check out this bridal show next week! They are giving away such cool stuff, and it’s going to be a really fun girls night out! 

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  1. Super Beautiful pictures!! I LOVE them! <3

  2. Gorgeous pics!! Question: Are you going to the bridal show? I've been thinking about going, but would love to go if I knew I'd see some familiar faces. 😉

  3. WOW! So beautiful! The closeups are great, but I have to say my favorites are the ones pulled back where you can see the row of magnolias arching over her… love!

  4. Smita Satham says:

    beautiful pictures!!! i live in columbus too and would love to shoot here .missed the chance last year and i really dont want to miss the bloom this year. i hv a nikond5200 and 55-200m lens .. cud u pls tel me which lenses u used for this shoot 🙂


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