Justin and Kathryn : Tobacco Ranch : Clare Michigan

The best way I can describe the setting for Kathryn and Justin’s wedding is a “soft forest”. Imagine, there is moss everywhere, the tall grass has laid down gracefully in the meadow. The white birch trees are looking lovely amongst all the green ferns. A baby fawn jumps by. And the sun comes in and out through the trees as the clouds continually change. If a forest can look soft and graceful this one did.

Justin and Kathryn got married at Tobacco Ranch in Clare Michigan last weekend. And the lovely forest I just described is the venue’s surrounding property. Kathryn looked like a woodland princess as we walked around taking portraits. If you look closely you might notice she went barefoot the whole day. She grew up running around barefoot and still loves it to this day.

And speaking of feet, there were quite a few teary eyes as the guests watched the bride and groom wash each other’s feet for the ceremony. It was really sweet to see them serve each other in that way.

Kathryn decided six years ago she wanted me to shoot her wedding and I’m so thrilled that it worked out! When I asked her if there was any particular shot she wanted me to get on the property she said “just the swing”. As a little girl, she would swing at her grandmother’s house. She loved her grandma’s swing and always wanted to take pictures on it for her wedding day. Well, the house and swing are no longer there but she was very happy to see the venue had a swing she could use!

So many congratulations to you, Justin and Kathryn! We’re so happy for you two!

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