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Alexsia and Castle (how cool are their names?) had their engagement shoot a couple nights ago. They got one of the most beautiful summer evenings you could ask for. They had asked me for more a natural setting for this shoot. We found ivy, tall grass, wildflowers, water, and a fountain. All this and a fun couple made for a super great evening.

I had met these two over facetime a few months ago when they booked me as their photographer. Facetime is great and it’s one level up from just a phone call when it comes to getting to know someone. But nothing beats actually meeting in person and seeing how my couples interact in real life. I could tell right away that Castle and Alexsia were fun people and are just really in love. As soon as we got to the field with tall grass Alexsia asked if they could play tag for some of their pictures. Yes, let’s do it!

Alexsia says she knew the moment they met that he was going to be part of her life for a very long time. They were best friends for 4 years and then Castle bought Alexsia’s dream ring and on her birthday asked her to be his wife. I loved seeing how their personalities complimented each other so well. And speaking of a dream ring, you have to see it! And to date, it’s one of my favorites to shoot!

Castle and Alexsia, I’m really looking forward to your wedding! Next month!

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