Bowling Green Wedding Photographer

Isaac and Cheyenne : Bowling Green | Wedding

Bowling Green Wedding Photographer

I’m very excited to share this wedding with you all! The day was gorgeous and so sweet.

Isaac didn’t really have time for girls. He’s athletic and competitive and would much rather be playing sports or something of the sort. All that changed the day he saw and met Cheyenne. I love the story of how it was love at first sight for both of them! You can read some of it here. God brought Cheyenne into Isaac’s life at the perfect time. She got to know him and his family. Then she was there for Isaac as he went through the hardest time of his life, losing his best-friend-father last year.

I don’t know if I’ve ever shot a wedding with such a close call as this one. The day before the wedding the worst on record tornado ripped through Kentucky. The town of Bowling Green had lots of damage. Houses were gone, power was out, I couldn’t reach my hotel to see if it was still there. After checking everything out it was confirmed that the venue was untouched and the wedding was going to happen as planned! Leading up to this day both Isaac and Cheyenne had finals the week before, then there were tornadoes, not to mention such a different and hard year. Friends and family were very happy to come together to celebrate this amazing couple!

“…have you seen a charcuterie bar?”

The ceremony and reception were held at The Venue at 939 Adams in Bowling Green, KY. It’s an industrial building but in some places it has green paint that matched the wedding colors beautifully. The girls wore sage and the guys wore navy. I know you’ve seen a charcuterie board, but have you seen a charcuterie bar? Literally, an entire bar table that’s filled with food. It was beautifully created and of course delicious.

The weather was completely sunny and cheery. Their first look was one of the sweetest you’ve ever seen. Isaac and Cheyenne looked like they walked straight out of a bridal magazine. The food presentation was amazing, the ceremony was lovely, the dances were emotional and the toasts were heartfelt. Overall it was such a beautiful day celebrating life and love.

Flowers: Florals by Shelby

Venue: The Venue at 939 Adams

Bridesmaids Dresses: Azazie

Groomsmen: Haggar

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