If I shot my own wedding

I can’t believe we celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary! It feels like single days were a lifetime ago. But then it also feels surreal that we’re actually married some days. Back in 2010 digital wedding photography was a fairly new deal. With the cheaper cameras and the non-existent expense of developing film the way photographers shot a wedding also started to change. The only limit to how many shots you could take was the size of your memory card and battery life. None of this pay-per-shot-film stuff that we were used to before. Back in the day, a photographer was very careful what shots they took because they were paying for each and every one. You’ll probably notice your grandparents and parents had a few portraits, a bridal portrait, maybe a cake cutting shot, and a “get-away” shot if they had actually hired a photographer. Anyways, with the freedom to shoot more, documenting weddings also changed. It became customary to take a picture of the dress hanging up, the rings together, and all the little details that were once not thought much of.

It became commonplace to give clients a whole bunch of detail shots to choose from. The popularity of the “flat-lay” that is so prevalent and dare I say expected now didn’t become in vouge till a few years ago. I believe we have Instagram to thank for the flat-lay. All that to say my great photographer did give me detail shots but not exactly what we’re used to today.

I was digging through my basement a few weeks ago and came across a bunch of my details from our wedding. I thought it would be fun to gather it all up again and see how I would shoot it in more of a flat-lay style. I was surprised by how many elements I still had around my house!

As you’ll notice, yes, my ears weren’t pierced at the time of my wedding. My jewelry wasn’t fancy. We were two kids with very little money doing our best to make our dream wedding happen. Our rings are simple, just as we wanted them. But you’ll notice how roughed up they are. They are rings that have been through 10 years of marriage. Every nick in the metal represents life with its highs and lows. The macro lens really brings out all the built-in character they now have.

I really wanted my invitation suite to be something different and special and MJ Holt made my dreams come true. Back when I was planning the wedding most everyone gave me a funny look when I said my colors were going to be blue and green. Red, pink, and “girly” colors were very customary. I still love my aquamarine blue and I’m glad I went with what I wanted and not what was popular.

Would I change anything about our wedding now? Oh yes, it would look very different. I lot more classy, a lot more white, and a lot less green. My dress style has changed although I did love it back then. Tim would have a suit that actually fit his body better. The list goes on. But that’s only natural, we change and grow and we only know what we know at the time and have what we have to work with. I love that we got married young and I can’t imagine it any other way for us.

It’s been the best 10 years of my life so far and I’m looking forward to seeing what the next 10 holds!

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