5th Boy or 1st Girl? : Personal

(Oops, guess I forgot to post this a few months ago!)

For the last ten years I’ve been known as the photographer that gives my clients clean, fresh, romantic images. I’ve also been know as the photographer that has FOUR BOYS! I love seeing people’s faces when they hear that. Normally a bride or mother of the bride will bring that up as I’m introducing myself to everyone in the morning and it never gets old. I always envisioned myself having lots of kids. And when I envisioned my family there was always a girl as the oldest. You know, so she could be my righthand buddy helping me with all the other kids as they came. Well, surprise! Our first child was a boy. I was worried for a few seconds because I felt like I didn’t know what to do with a boy but that soon went away and we fell into our groove together.

We got pregnant again and I knew for sure it was a girl this time. Even a doctor made an educated guess it was a girl. So I was shocked when he came out a boy. By the third, I was done with guessing but I thought the odds of another boy were slim so it was probably a girl. Another boy! That was it, I was officially a boy mom and claimed that title with honor and happiness. We were going to do the boy thing and I was totally ok with it. Number four came and I just figured it was a boy, and it was.

“…basketball team here we come!”

At this point, I was really comfortable just having boys. The only thing I was sad about was the guys not growing up with a sister. I wanted them to have that kind of friendship and influence only a sister can provide. We got pregnant with our fifth kid and I was totally ready for another boy, basketball team here we come! I will admit that we prayed that God would give us a girl, but I was really fine either way.

After thinking about it I decided I really wanted to find out what we were having this time. I could really psyche myself up for another boy and be a little disappointed it was a girl. Or I could really feel like it was a girl and be disappointed it was a boy. Your mind can go through a lot in nine months of waiting! So on a beautiful summer day, our whole family found out together what our fifth child would be. I give you, Little Intern #5’s gender reveal!


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