I have a blog!

Dear Procrastination,

I’m writing this note to inform you that our long ongoing discussion about whether I should get a blog or not, is over.
I’ve made up my mind, our friendship must come to an end and I would very much appreciate you not bringing this matter up ever again.

Evangeline Renee

I have a blog! Thank you to Jessica Shae and Ica for helping me get this up and running.

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  1. Ica Images says:

    HI Evangeline!!!

    Your blog looks great and best wishes with your business my dear!!! thanks for being patient as I tried figured out what went wrong with the animation of your heading. Have a great week!!!


  2. lovely! Thanks for doing it! I'm going to miss you…

  3. Phia says:

    Ah, the very beginning. =)


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