Heather and Matthew : Columbus Indiana Winter Engagement Shoot

Columbus Indiana Winter Engagement Shoot

Matthew and Heather drove a couple hours to meet up for their engagement shoot in Columbus Indiana. There’s a great covered bridge to shoot at, and I knew where some evergreens and an old phone booth were. Shooting in the winter can have its challenges for a couple reasons, namely the cold and the general “dead tree” look. It demands some extra creativity but can turn out super amazing. There’s nothing quite like a winter sunset in the Midwest. The clarity and hues of orange are just different than summer. As you’ll see the sunset Heather and Matthew got was an extra beautiful one.

If you read my blog you’ll notice that their wedding and engagement shoot will be right next to each other. That’s because they were literally two days apart. Matthew was in from overseas just for the week so we needed to fit everything into a few days. It was great to meet them one day and then see them again for their wedding two days later! I really enjoyed my time with these two. I got to hear how they met and how they knew very quickly they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Matthew took Heather to Tiffany’s for her birthday and they picked out the ring. Pretty amazing birthday if you ask me! Scroll down to see if you can tell what one is my new favorite black and white image. And come back in a few days to see their elopement!


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