Heather and Matthew : Elopement | Louisville Kentucky

Louisville Kentucky Elopement

It’s not every day I get to shoot an elopement! I personally love weddings, but there really is something so beautiful and special about just eloping. Heather found me online and reached out to me about shooting for them. She had some fun ideas that involved multiple indoor and outdoor locations in the middle of winter. I was totally game! The weather turned out very mild for the time of year and we had a great time hitting all the locations they had picked out. Heather and Matthew really cared about their photography. After they officially got married at the courthouse and made sure to get a few family portraits the day was catered around portraits together. It was a photographer’s dream to have a couple hours with just the bride and groom! During wedding days I know exactly the portraits I need to get for my couples and then if there’s any extra time we can get more creative. But having 3 hours of portraits on this day was so fun and different! Lots of time to be more creative and try stuff I normally don’t have time for.

Heather rented out the Conrad-Caldwell House for the first hour of portraits. There was special family picture time and then we explored the mansion, stopping for portraits wherever we fancied. I really liked the dramatic black and white for many of these images. The next few hours we went around Lousiville and then ended our time with an amazing table spread made by Heather’s mom and sister. They cut a cake, had some toasts, and then they slow danced together while the cell phone played a favorite song. So simple, sweet, and special.

It was such an honor to document the love these two have for each other!

Louisville Kentucky Elopement

Louisville Kentucky Elopement Louisville Kentucky Elopement

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