Bryce and Rachel : Goshen Indiana Photographer

Goshen Indiana Photographer

The day started out very peaceful with the girls and guys getting ready in their respective rooms in the pretty new venue in Goshen, Indiana. There were thunderstorms predicted in the future but it didn’t dampen any of the excitement or joy. I was so happy and honored to be asked back to shoot Rachel’s wedding. Ten years ago I shot Rachel’s older sisters wedding. It was my second wedding ever! I kinda came “full circle” to photograph what was once a fun, cute, little teenager Rachel, now turned lovely bride. It was amazing to have a mini-reunion with parents, friends, and relatives I met all those years ago. And to see one of my very first bride’s Sarah, and finally meet some of her kids who were the junior bridesmaids! Did it make me feel a little old, yes, not gonna lie.

Bryce is one stellar guy and I wholeheartedly approve of this marriage. For whatever my opinion is worth, haha. During the speeches during the reception a few of the family members were happy to try and take some credit for this match. Why? Because it’s so perfect and great. And speaking of reception, they had many special touches like homemade rolls, peanut butter and jam. They had heartfelt speeches and special music. And let’s not forget the cheesecake for dessert!

“Because it’s so perfect and great.”

Their ‘first look’ was one of my favorites. There’s nothing like seeing the faces of pure happiness and excitement at this very special time of the day. And Bryce tearing up when Rachel came down the aisle to him, so, so sweet.

So, back to the rain. After portraits and a lovely outdoor ceremony, we had no sooner reached the doors of the reception when the first raindrops fell. God held the storm off the perfect amount of time for them. It was actually kinda cool to hear the rain hitting the roof outside while everyone was cozy and happy inside.

Bryce and Rachel, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time I got to spend with you two! You two are going to do great things together and I look forward to watching.

Goshen Indiana Photographer
Goshen Indiana Photographer Goshen Indiana Photographer Goshen Indiana Photographer Goshen Indiana Photographer
Goshen Indiana Photographer Goshen Indiana Photographer
Goshen Indiana Photographer
wedding cheesecake photo
Goshen Indiana Photographer photo Goshen Indiana Photographer

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  1. Rebekah Bruce says:

    Evy, you did a beautiful job capturing their wedding day! Rachel is an amazing woman and I couldn’t be happier for her. <3

  2. Ellen Graber says:

    Sweet sweet couple!
    Really LOVELY photography!
    Beautiful wedding on so many levels.
    Very God honoring and sweet!


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