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Bryce and Rachel : Engaged |Columbus Indiana Photographer

Columbus Indiana Photographer

I must admit I was “bitting my nails” a little bit the day of this engagement shoot!  Just hours before we were supposed to start we were getting tornados warnings and crazy weather. I was debating calling the whole shoot off and rescheduling but Rachel and Bryce were traveling from over three hours away and for some strange reason their phones weren’t working.

It was almost ten years ago, I was shooting my second wedding, ever! Rachel was the fun younger sister of my bride, Sarah. I can’t believe it’s been that long! (Doesn’t make me feel old at all, ha.) And now Rachel is a beautiful woman getting married this Summer!

Bryce and Rachel met when she started attending a new church. I asked if it was “love at first sight” and they said, maybe not love be definitely “I need to meet this person” for both parties. They met, shortly after went on a few dates, were “officially going steady”, and before you know it Bryce was handing Rachel “the best gift for last” at their Christmas together. Bet you can’t guess what the small sparkly gift was.

I’m so looking forward to your wedding, Rachel and Bryce. I think you guys are a pretty great couple I’m a big fan of you guys getting married.

Oh, and besides the strong built-in hair fan (read crazy wind) we had the whole time, the weather was amazing for their shoot! A good looking couple, warm Spring weather, built-in hair fan, a golden sunset, what more could you ask for?

Columbus Indiana Photographer


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