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I love February! 
I suppose it has to do with it being my birthday month, and Valentine’s Day. If I lived in a warmer state I’d prolly like it even more, if that’s possible. It’s like a little dollop of sweetness in the middle of icy winter. As January comes to an end and I start getting little pink butterflies in my stomach. I get inspired to make fluffy peaks of cream that I will stuff into airy puff pastry. I start cutting paper into hearts and throwing them around my house. I don’t especially like the color red, hearts are not my favorite shape, I’m allergic to chocolate (yes,I know, horrible isn’t it) and I wouldn’t consider my personality to be overly romantic. But none the less Valentine’s Day makes me melt, happy, giddy, excited, warm and fuzzy, it just does. It always has. And now that I have a guy it’s even awesomer! 
So anyways, I decided to try and spread the love this year and give away a FREE engagement session! 
(A $300 value)
Yes, free. So are you engaged, or do you have a friend who’s engaged? This is for you.

Here are the details…
There will be an entering period from: Feb 1st to Feb 16th. (I extended the time just in case some of you get proposed to on Valentine’s Day)

You send me an email with your picture or a picture of the couple you’re submitting to : evy@evangelinerenee.com

After the submitting time is over (Feb 16th) I will post all the couple entry’s on this blog and facebook.
You will then have a week to get your friends involved voting for who will get a free shoot.
I will announce the winners and we’ll set up a time for your shoot in between Feb and May 2013.

 Don’t live in the Indy area? Not a problem, I’ll travel.
I will travel up to 90miles (from Indy) to the shoot location. 

Can’t wait for the rest of February and I can’t wait to see your submissions! 

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  1. Summer says:

    You are so adorable Evy!!! I love your "now that I have a guy its even awesome" ;D Haha!



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