{Evangeline Renee} One Beautiful Year

 Wow, one year ago Sunday I married Tim.
{See our wedding posts here and here.}
There weren’t any “rose-colored” glasses during the time I was getting to know him, there weren’t even any when we got engaged.
I tend to be a realist and since I’m afraid of being disappointed I normally don’t build things up too much in my mind.
I believe I had a very levelheaded view on marriage, it was a good, beautiful and a right thing but definitely not easy or always fun.
(still true)
Well starting with my wedding day, honeymoon, and then on to normal life I can’t even believe how awesome it has been!
I didn’t know I could be this happy.
Yes, it’s hard, yes it takes work, but it’s so rewarding and wonderful.
It’s amazing to be doing what you’re made to do.
It’s not always fun and lovey-dovey but if you put God first, your spouse next and yourself last, even hard things can have joy.
Thank you for asking me to be your wife and to spend the rest of my life with you.
My life with you is something I’m thankful for everyday.
I can’t wait to see where we go, what we do and how our love deepens this next year.
You’re my hero.

Let’s be married forever, ok. 

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  1. Happy Anniversary Evy and Tim!! 🙂

    You two are a very cute couple!

    (Love the picture)

  2. You guys are such an adorable couple!!!

  3. Hannah Elise says:

    How exciting to have been married for 1 year now! May this next year be even better than the last!

  4. Phia says:

    Coo … how crazy and wonderful it is to be able to tell you "Happerly Anniversary!" +D


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