Indianapolis Wedding Photographers : Year in Review 2018


Indianapolis Wedding Photographers

Happy (a little late) 2019, everyone! I hope you found this last year to be exceptional! But if not, I hope you’re looking forward with purpose, light, and hope for 2019. I don’t know what transpired for you this last year but I can speak for myself and my clients when I say there was lots of excitement and joy. Lots of amazing couples that got engaged or married or both to the love of their life, can’t get much more exciting! Being a wedding photographer is kinda like being a kid in a candy store for me…of course, I have to work extremely hard, before, during and after and I have to think on my feet about 50 different things simultaneously all day long, but still, I love it!

I’ve compiled a few of my favorite “behind the scenes” pictures for you. You can get a tiny glimpse into what goes on in my world and some of the amazing opportunities that came up this last year.

Thank you to my clients, I loved being a part of your love story. You’ll forever have a special place in my heart and memories. From meeting many of you for the first time at your proposal shoot, shooting your weddings, running into you at other events, all the way to photographing your second child’s birth…

Thank you to my husband, Tim who once again is the best second shooter I could ask for. After shooting together over eight years we can pretty much read each other’s minds. He’s my veil wrangler, gear guy, chauffeur, snack getter, dress hanger, “grab the wide shot-er”, groomsmen loosener-upper, and so much more.

To the vendors I’ve had the privilege to work with or just meet for lunch, thank you for doing your job well, and thank you for investing in my life. I’ve made good friends here in the Indiana wedding industry and I’m so happy about that.

So scroll down to see a lot of mostly really bad phone pictures that make me really happy.

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Engagement shoot, wedding, and honeymoon shoot for these two!

Babies everywhere! Four of us sisters (also my brides) had babies within six months of each other.

Dinner with a 4th gen and a 6th generation couple. So glad these friendships can go beyond their wedding days!

(Secret) I’ll do a little bit of birth photography if my couples ask me to. Such a profound and special honor!

My vendor friendships mean to much to me.

Freezing weather, the only time I don’t care what I look like.

Got to visit some gorgeous properties and venues that I’m excited to shoot at soon!

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