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Well this is the first time I’ve opened my computer since last year. And apparently the first time I’ve blogged in a month. I had high hopes of keeping up with blogging during the holidays but alas, as you can see it didn’t really work. The break was good though and I’m ready to start shooting, and blogging said shoots, once again.  It was so exciting to see all the engagements happening over the last month. (No, not just because I’m a photographer…I’m a girl too.)Wedding season starts this weekend actually, the earliest it’s ever start. I say it’s a good sign of what’s to come! It’s in a warmer state, which makes me exceptionally happy.

Could you find a more beautiful person to grace this blog at the beginning of a year?
I met Elizabeth back when I was like 13, we only got to see each other once a year from that point on, but seemed to pick up where we left off quite easily. Thanks to facebook we were able to stay in touch over the years and consequently I got to shoot her bridals. As we were shooting I just kept thinking how I loved her smile, and how genuine it was. Don’t you agree? The weather was coat worthy but she was a trooper and didn’t complain.
Her guy is super cool and I’m very happy for them. 

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  1. Christine says:

    So pretty! (Both of you.)

  2. Hannah Elise says:

    wow she is beautiful–and yes, what a genuine smile! she has great style. 🙂

  3. Summer says:

    These are all so beautiful and look like they need to be in a bridal magazine! 😉 Wonderful job!



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