Joshua and Stephanie : Engaged | Columbus Indiana

Columbus Indiana Fall Engagement Pictures

Stephanie was working at a bank and one of her coworkers thought she was just the best thing ever. (If you know Stephanie it’s easy to see why.) This coworker really wanted Joshua to meet Stephanie because she thought they would be a great match. Well turns out the intuitive coworker was correct. They are a great match!

I’ve known Stephanie for years now. I actually shot two of her sister’s weddings in the past! It was so nice to see her again and meet Joshua! Fall is predictably unpredictable around here so the day of their shoot we had rain, snow, and I think I saw some tiny hail too. There were a few colors still hanging onto the trees and some evergreens around. So we got a mostly autumn look with a hint of winter. Make sure to check out the pretty ring Joshua got Stephanie. I love the delicate look. He says there were a few ring options on the table but he kept comparing every ring to this one so he realized this was it!


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