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I want to bring a new series to this blog, one that gives ideas, tips, and inspiration to my future brides. So I asked one of my stylist friends Amy to help me out with some guest blogging. (Just to tell you how much I trust her, I had her do my make-up for my own wedding.)  
So, I give you the first installment of our new Bride Style series.

A Herringbone braid, also known as a Fishtail braid, is a modern twist on a classic style. Herringbone braids are very popular right now, and would be perfect for a Fall or Winter wedding.  Adding a bit of sparkle to your hair is a fun way to make it fashion forward and festive for your wedding. Here we pinned in a brooch and pearls. Leave your braid hanging down your back, or sweep it over your shoulder. 

Your wedding is such a special day, and there are so many details that go into it!  One of the little things that can really make your day extra special is getting your makeup and hair done professionally. Bridal packages should include a consultation, so you can tell your stylists exactly what look you want to create.  

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  1. Phia says:

    Oh how charming. =]

  2. Anonymous says:

    We do toughs a LOT in are house.


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