Beto and Em Engagement | MI Engagement Photographer

 So totally excited to share this shoot with you all!
Tim and I were so honored to capture Beto’s proposal to Em, (which you can see here)
and then spend a few hours with them afterwards taking their engagement pictures.
The day couldn’t have been funner more fun for us!
I’m actually going to split their shoot into two posts. Beto is the urban dude and Em is more of the country girl, so that’s how I’ll split the images up.
Today I’ll show you what we shot in town.

I love it how it looks like Beto is telling Em all about his dreams and how they will change the world together, and Em’s like…ok, bring it on.

Seriously, can they be any better looking together?
I can.not.wait. for their wedding! I’m so sure it’s going to be beautiful and full of love.
Thank you to all who entered the Spring photo contest! I have so many beautiful pictures we’re going to have a hard time picking the winner.

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  1. Em Martens says:

    Aww I LOVE this whole post! Prob because its about "us" (Beto & I )
    Plus it was awesome working with you! 😀

  2. Phia says:

    So stunning!

  3. Hannah Elise says:

    ah! these are so adorable…love them. they look so cute together!


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