Fishermen's Inn Photographer

Evangeline Renee Wedding Photographers It’s finally done! Being a photographer and having a filmmaker husband has taught me how powerful and important a good promo video can be. And still, it tends to be hard to actually make your own. I know what others should do but making my own seems more challenging. I’ve had […]

Ok folks, I’m being vulnerable and posting the longest video of me talking yet! Some of my favorite things, and how I started photography.   A big thanks to Tim Porter Studios for filming for me! Go ahead and take a look! And while you’re at it check out the website, I’m always adding new […]

You know what it’s like when you live right by something really cool and you never go there? Maybe you’ll visit if you have some out of town company, but since you take it for granted, it just doesn’t happen. Well that’s kinda how this project has gone. I live in the same house as […]

I had such a fun time helping my husband shoot this gorgeous wedding in McKinney, TX! I might be bias but I think Tim did a fabulous job documenting Jessica’s dream wedding. Here’s what Tim had to say about the day. Imagine a small clearing among the trees with sunlight filtering through, where the groom waits for […]

 My husband and I had so much fun shooting this wedding! I can’t even say how cool Abby and Ezra are and I’m so so happy for them! Take a look at their wedding video! Here is their wedding blog post, go check it out…it involves love, and lots and lots of pie. ~Like my […]

This is what happens when a photographer marries a videographer, and they work together. {Heather and Andrew} A Wedding Video from Evangeline Renee on Vimeo. My husband Tim is a great videographer and I’m so happy that we can work side by side documenting weddings. It’s the best ever! ~~~~~~ I got your great questions […]

This is my husband. He is an awesome videographer. This is part one of his business promo shoot. I like him a lot. I think he’s cute. Enough said. Isn’t he cool?! ~~~~ Thank you all for your kind and encouraging comments and emails regarding my last post. You all are the best! ~Like my […]