“I love how you have your own photography style. Yet the client’s style shines though as well. Any advice on how to both find your own style and incorporate the client’s style at the same time?”  This is a question I got when I asked for topics to blog about back in this post. Here […]

 A few posts back I asked if anybody had questions about how I like to shoot, so now I will do my best to answer a few of them. Like I’ve said before, I am no expert but I have been shooting for a little while and I hope I can help others with their […]

Hello my friends! Thank you for being understanding as I take blogging a little slower these days. I believe family should come before business so I’ve been spending the last two weeks getting to know my newest little family member and trying to figure out this whole ‘being a mom thing’. So far it’s been […]

Since I’m taking a break from shooting for the month I thought I’d get some feedback from all you awesome blog readers as far as questions you have about photography, shooting, weddings, making creme brulee, and etc. Ok, I’m not an expert in any of these topics especially not the creme brulee, although I do […]