This is it folks! My last post on the this old blog! Because.. ‘my site is almost done, my site is almost done, I ho the dairy-o, my site is almost done!’ After years of knowing I needed a change, it’s finally coming! If all goes as planned we will be lunching the new design this week. […]

 Wow, one year ago Sunday I married Tim. {See our wedding posts here and here.} There weren’t any “rose-colored” glasses during the time I was getting to know him, there weren’t even any when we got engaged. I tend to be a realist and since I’m afraid of being disappointed I normally don’t build things […]

Da tada daaaaa! Behold, a brand spankin’ new header and signature! The snow is melting around here and it’s “kinda” looking like spring, so that means… Spring+new+fresh+snow melting+weather getting warmer+ awesome designer person = time for new stuff. After much collaboration and deliberation, I am very happy to show you all my new signature. I […]