I feel like my time recently has been filled with beautiful flowers, gorgeous brides, gowns, and lots and lots of chocolate. And that’s probably because it has been! Bridal show, stylized shoots, product shoots, and a personal projects. I’ve got to shoot so many pretty things, and work with so many awesome people, it’s been great!  Annnd […]

Welcome, and let me introduce you to my new blog! I am so so happy to have this done, (well mostly, there are few little things I still need to add). Hannah Nicole did beautiful work!  I told her I wanted people to feel like they were walking into a beach house, and I believe […]

Once upon a weekend, a group of local and non-local photographers and videographers got together, shot things, learned stuff, drank coffee and had fun. ~-~-~-~-~-~ The photography field is very competitive and we often cut ourselves short in one of our  greatest assets… other photographers. It’s hard to humble our-self and ask for help or  […]

Da tada daaaaa! Behold, a brand spankin’ new header and signature! The snow is melting around here and it’s “kinda” looking like spring, so that means… Spring+new+fresh+snow melting+weather getting warmer+ awesome designer person = time for new stuff. After much collaboration and deliberation, I am very happy to show you all my new signature. I […]