Stephanie : Bridal | Oak Brook Wedding Photographer

Oh goodness, I am so excited to share these images with you all!
Stephanie just got married to the love of her life so I can post her bridals!
This girl is one of the sweetest people you’ll meet, and it was so awesome shooting with her. One thing I really love about Stephanie is that she’s genuinely thankful and grateful, I know I need to be more like her.
Her lovely flower crown and bouquet were made by Lemondrop Designery.

Peach Wedding

 photo evangeline-renee-photo-bridal-oak-brook-6756_zps827ada21.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-photo-bridal-oak-brook-6594_zpsb05d0680.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-photo-wedding-oak-brook-bridal-3_zps6715e09b.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-photo-bridal-oak-brook-6741_zps77a09da5.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-photo-bridal-oak-brook-6644_zps590e4352.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-photo-bridal-oak-brook-6187_zps7cb80dd2.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-photo-bridal-oak-brook-6178_zps89d35e43.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-photo-bridal-oak-brook-6175_zps81c586d2.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-photo-bridal-oak-brook-6135_zpsefb962ee.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-photo-bridal-oak-brook-6552_zpsbe61c15f.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-photo-wedding-oak-brook-bridal-1_zps645afc1e.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-photo-bridal-oak-brook-6554_zpsa670ef01.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-photo-bridal-oak-brook-6768_zpsa934c4c4.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-photo-bridal-oak-brook-6516_zps073e1758.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-photo-wedding-oak-brook-bridal-2_zps3760b182.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-photo-bridal-oak-brook-6621_zpsa1e855bc.jpg

 photo evangeline-renee-photo-bridal-oak-brook-6385_zps729c6f9e.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-photo-bridal-oak-brook-6749_zps15ca6c38.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-photo-bridal-oak-brook-6543_zpsd8feda57.jpg

 photo evangeline-renee-photo-bridal-oak-brook-6445_zps97621480.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-photo-bridal-oak-brook-6430_zps2ca6de5e.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-photo-wedding-oak-brook-bridal-4_zps68037e8d.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-photo-bridal-oak-brook-6406_zps6070b368.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-photo-wedding-oak-brook-bridal-5_zps81e8283b.jpg

 photo evangeline-renee-photo-bridal-oak-brook-6305_zps8dab2010.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-photo-bridal-oak-brook-6203_zps3fbfc571.jpg

 photo evangeline-renee-photo-bridal-oak-brook-6495_zpsbd40f759.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-photo-wedding-oak-brook-bridal-6_zps705fcd1c.jpg
 photo evangeline-renee-photo-bridal-oak-brook-6373_zps676d981d.jpg

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  1. I know her! Wow, that is so crazy. Small world. 🙂 Beautiful pictures.

  2. Emily MacGill says:

    Graue Mill is so pretty. Caleb proposed to me there. 🙂 Beautiful pictures, Evy!

  3. I LOVE these shots of my sister!!! You did such a great job and the flowers are gorgeous.
    What a beautiful setting. 🙂

  4. Anonymous says:

    Stephine i use to call you SWEET PEA from the TV cartoon show Popeye. you are not my sweet pea any more you becoame a Beautiful bride just like the rest of your sisters. Love, Tracy Lang

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Oh yes, Stephanie was so sweet…not to mention absolutely gorgeous, inside + out! These pictures are absolutely stunning. I'm still loving the location + beautiful bouquet & crown! Ah, these portraits are all so beautiful <3

  6. So sweet bridal look and the hairstyles. Stephine, so i wish i could be the bride in the near future. Anyway, both adds-on and the wedding dress is stunning.

  7. I've met Stephanie on several occasions before, she's a lovely girl! Beautiful pictures!

  8. Rebecca says:

    these are so pretty! What a beautiful bride! Your photos are stunning!


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