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(Ah, I keep forgetting to post this! Figured I better get this up before we start in on the next wedding season this week!)

2014 was an amazing year.
Sure I’ve put in years of work, stuck my neck out there, tried to be proactive, followed business advice, but last year something changed, and I can only give God the credit for where my business went this last wedding season.
So many great couples, and people gave me beautiful things to shoot, marriage, love, milestones…
I’m just so grateful for it all.
From Indianapolis and all over the Midwest to Atlanta, San Antonio, and Orange County.
It was my complete honor to be chosen as my couple’s wedding photographer.
Tim (my husband) and I loved all the adventures this season brought to
us. Another fun workshop, traveling all around the country shooting with
and for awesome clients, and for me seeing the Pacific Ocean for the
first time. I wouldn’t want to do all this with anyone else.
I’ve been doing this behind the scenes blog post for a few years now, and it’s one of my favorites. Not because I’m in a lot of the shots but because it reminds me of some the happiest and most fulfilling memories. 
This year I plan to take behind the scenes during the beginning half of the day so I don’t look like a got run over by a train in most of the shots.
A huge thank you to me second shooters that helped make everything run smoothly.
Tim, Amanda, Lauren, Olivia, Elizabeth, Katie and Anna.
And thank you again to the best clients/friends a girl could have!
 photo IMG_3464_zps0d41d703.jpg
 photo james-rachel-evangeline-renee-photo-2944_zps6284997e.jpg
 photo zach-beth-wedding-evangeline-renee-photo-4439_zps8ede7ac2.jpg
 photo wedding-olivia-jordan-64_zpsc02a111b.jpg
 photo westernsprings-wedding-olivia-jordan-9027_zpsb7ccf6da.jpg
 photo westernsprings-wedding-olivia-jordan-9000_zpsbbab2c59.jpg
 photo wedding-olivia-jordan-55_zps8c2fe81f.jpg
 photo james-rachel-evangeline-renee-photo-1210_zps1f921221.jpg
 photo IMG_4740_zpsa4dff4ce.jpg
 photo IMG_9818_zpsa2b648c4.jpg
 photo IMG_5830_zps6c4b2a26.jpg
 photo james-rachel-evangeline-renee-photo-2948_zps8904cdb6.jpg
 photo sailboat-wedding-evangeline-renee-photo-205_zps53d2cce2.jpg
 photo olivia-jordan-westernsprings-wedding-6821_zps09780171.jpg
 photo olivia-jordan-westernsprings-wedding-7131_zpscd77746d.jpg
 photo nik-jordan-evangeline-renee-photo-0305_zpsdf2d955f.jpg
 photo IMG_4426_zpsc14253f7.jpg
 photo tyler-amanda-wedding-evangeline-renee-photo-21_zpsc30fda76.jpg
 photo tyler-amanda-wedding-evangeline-renee-photo-1_zps050d1f27.jpg
 photo marcus-lanesha-wedding-carmel-evangeline-renee-photo-16_zpse5646d59.jpg
 photo IMG_4140_zps3e4a50d5.jpg
 photo IMG_3754_zpsf3487517.jpg
 photo IMG_3680_zpsaf83c934.jpg
 photo olivia-jordan-westernsprings-wedding-6770_zpsc2e63065.jpg
 photo olivia-jordan-wedding-westernsprings-1559_zps10b5150e.jpg
 photo nik-jordan-evangeline-renee-photo-7533_zps1965049f.jpg
 photo nik-jordan-evangeline-renee-photo-4735_zps3aca6e9e.jpg
 photo olivia-jordan-evangeline-renee-photo-13688_zps520df930.jpg
 photo IMG_4970_zpse8a04b5e.jpg
 photo IMG_4868_zps9107a334.jpg
 photo wedding-olivia-jordan-9_zpsb00e1300.jpg
 photo anna-josiah-evangeline-renee-photo-5534_zpsdad81989.jpg
 photo IMG_2326_zps96a93a7b.jpg
 photo dave-rach-wedding-evangeline-renee-photo-326_zps0e29b1ac.jpg
 photo branden-alea-evangeline-renee-photo-4748_zps2ce05fde.jpg

 photo IMG_3841_zps622725d6.jpg
 photo IMG_3451_zps9c5c4241.jpg
 photo james-rachel-evangeline-renee-photo-1009_zps06184909.jpg
 photo james-rachel-evangeline-renee-photo-0810_zpscbcf3279.jpg
 photo james-rachel-evangeline-renee-photo-1252_zps0aa39c57.jpg
 photo engagement-indianpolis-alea-branden-photo-evangeline-renee-9239_zps4134e2f9.jpg
 photo family-beach-evangeline-renee-photo-4890_zpsbba190f1.jpg
 photo daniel-michelle-wedding-orange-county-evangeline-renee-photo-1895_zpse9815a1e.jpg
 photo tyler-amanda-wedding-evangeline-renee-photo-20_zps11201397.jpg
 photo branden-alea-evangeline-renee-photo-3001_zpsfd5c20d7.jpg
 photo branden-alea-evangeline-renee-photo-4627_zps526c1946.jpg
 photo ben-cora-evangeline-renee-photo-7480_zpsf07829b6.jpg
 photo branden-alea-evangeline-renee-photo-1463_zps30aa4d0c.jpg
 photo ben-cora-evangeline-renee-photo-4846_zps94864f5e.jpg

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  1. Elizabeth. says:

    Behind-the-scenes posts like these are some of my favorite posts to see, especially when I recognize some of the pictures. 😉 Thanks again for letting us tag along that day! It was a huge blessing and I love getting to watch you "do your thing." 🙂 Miss you! Hope you're having a blessed March.

  2. Hannah Elise says:

    these kind of posts are my favorite! 🙂 and run over by a train?! you look STUNNING! so cool that you and Tim get to shoot together!

  3. Sarah Ring says:

    I love it… some of these are so fun!

  4. Olivia says:

    love! 🙂 can't wait to see the weddings you shoot this year!


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