Kumar and Sara : Indianapolis Micro-Wedding

Indianapolis Micro-Wedding

I’m happy to share this lovely, micro-wedding with you! Kumar and Sara wanted to keep things sweet and simple. There were about 20 of their close friends and family who met them in Eagle Creek Park, next to one of the lakes. They chose to get married in the morning with the light streaming in through the trees. They both wanted to honor the Indian heritage of Kumar’s father by getting henna done. It’s not typical for a groom to have this done for a wedding. But when Kumar asked the artist what they thought he was told “It’s America, you can do whatever you want!”. (And for the curious reader, it took about 4 hours for Sara’s henna to be done!) I think it turned out really cool! Sara’s style of dress and jewelry was perfect for this outdoor ceremony. Sara’s daughter dropped four leaf clovers down the aisle. Sara said she finds them everywhere and started collecting them when they were engaged.

Even though it was a small and quick thing they still made time for a first look with just the two of them before the ceremony started.  They also made time to share a first dance because music is a big part of their story.

Flowers: Gillespie Florists

Hair and Makeup: Deweese Design Salon Inc.

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