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For years my clients have been telling me about the amazing tropical honeymoons they have planned. I’ve (half) jokingly offered to ” come along” and do a shoot for them. In the last ten years, no one has taken me up on my “generous offer”, until now.

I had “just thrown it out there” months ago when I was talking to Morgan and Thomas and then didn’t think anything of it until one day I got a text from Morgan. She was asking me if I really wanted to go and how we could make it work. You better believe I said yes, and explained how easy it would be to make work. I’ve had a few pretty big disappointments in regards to business/travel plans falling through this year.  So I had a hard time letting myself really get excited and let it sink in that this was really going till a week or two before.

The day had come for Thomas and Morgan’s wedding at The Barn at Kennedy Farm, it was wonderful albeit very rainy. I love shooting weddings, almost every aspect of it. But having in the back of my mind that we’re leaving the next day to shoot with the couple again on a tropical beach, added even more excitement!

I always back my images up for my clients the night of their wedding to be as safe as possible. And we had house guests and had to finish packing gear… Needless to say, we didn’t get much or any sleep that night. A 7am flight comes pretty early. But of course, we knew it was all going to be worth it! If you want to see more travel behind the scenes of our trip I’ve saved it in my permanent stories on Instagram. @evangelinerenee

Honeymoon Shoot : Part 1

Of course, I wanted to bring my husband along because he’s my favorite travel buddy and my favorite everything. And it was our 8th anniversary week. How convenient!  We had an absolute blast together. I slept through the night for the first time in a year and a half because my sweet baby was at home. (Yes, I know about sleep training but when it’s your fourth kid some things just don’t get done as soon.) I didn’t wake up once, and in the morning I didn’t know where I was. That’s what I call good sleep!

Today I’m going to be showing you the first half of their shoot. The session started with a more candid casual shoot in town and then moved to the beach. I love shooting with newly engaged, just getting married, newly married, and longtime couples. All the shoots have a different and special feel. On this shoot, there was a chill, newly married, hanging-out-with-my-best-friend, I’m-so-in-love-with-you feel.

Morgan and Thomas, I know I’ve thanked you a ton already. But thank you again for giving me the honor of capturing your engagement, wedding, and now your newly-married life on your honeymoon!

Of course, I’m well aware this type of shoot isn’t for everyone. It takes the right couple and situation. A honeymoon shoot is for the couple that doesn’t want their whole once-in-a-lifetime-honeymoon to be only documented in self-timers and selfies. Thomas knows photography is super important to Morgan so having me come for a shoot was his wedding gift to her. How sweet is that?

I’ve already had a few of my past clients write me about doing anniversary sessions in destination locations. You better believe I’m game! And my 2019 and 2020 couples, this is what I’m talking about when I say “honeymoon shoot”.

Sidenote, Gelato & Co. is pretty impressive! I’m looking forward to going back when I can stay longer and sample more.

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