Dylan and Reilly | Engagement: Georgetown Photographer

Georgetown Photographer

I just got back from my trip to Washington DC and being a “Georgetown photographer” for the day. It was fantastic! I was there for a wedding and was thrilled to find out the timing would work for us to get Reilly and Dylan’s Georgetown engagement shoot in while I was there! Reilly said that she found me on Instagram over 3 years ago and has been waiting for me to shoot her wedding ever since. How amazing is that!? I’m so honored and excited to meet some new friends over “a little app”.

Reilly and Dylan met in New Jersey when their visits just happened to overlap by a week. Apparently, Reilly saw this cute guy and figured she should introduce herself and to see if he liked ice cream. Turns out the cute guy did like ice cream and was happy to get some with her. There’s a phrase that people throw around “When you know, you know” and Reily had always laughed at it. Now she says she’s a firm believer because it happened to them. Dylan proposed, managed to surprise here, and gave her an elegant rose gold ring.

We had to shuffle timing around a little bit due to weather but in the end, the shoot was perfect. It was the very tail end of cherry blossom season in DC so there were a few splashes of pink around. Reilly loves all things floral as you can see by her outfits. I was glad we were able to find a bunch of gorgeous flowering plants to work with.

I really loved getting to know these two and I can.not. wait. for their Fall wedding in Williamsburg!

Georgetown photographer
cherry blossom engagement shoot
cherry blossom engagement shoot in Georgetown

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  1. Charles Groder says:

    So happy for you two. And yes, when you know, you know. I look forward to all that you will accomplish together, and wish you nothing but happiness, joy, and love.
    I love you, Dad.


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