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East Texas Wedding Photographer

I have the incredible honor of sharing my lovely little sister’s wedding with you all today! I’ve been to many, many weddings and I can honestly say the day was just perfect. We’re so happy for Heidi and Matthew and I’m still reliving the day in my mind and heart.

Heidi is my little (but taller) sister. She was born when I was ten so I’ve watched her grow up. I could tell from a very young age that she would be one of my favorite people in the world. She’s loyal, honest, brave, and really funny. I love her heart for God and others. She is an incredible friend and I know will make a wonderful wife.

Heidi knew what color scheme she wanted and that she really wanted Matthew in a green suit. After much “suit drama”, they finally found one that worked and made all her green suit dreams come true. Heidi gave me the creative license to design her flowers so I used her color palette and went pretty dramatic.

Matthew grew up taking care of bee hives with his father. You’ll notice a nod to the honeycomb shape in their decor. Matthew’s family also provided honey bears for each guest as their wedding favor.

Their ceremony and reception were held at The River Bend Venue on a river in East Texas. The weather was so perfect. The clouds moved in and out as we needed them for pictures and the golden light shown over the ceremony. The couple spent the majority of the reception going around talking to each guest because that’s the kind of people they are.

I can speak for Heidi’s side when I say we’re very happy to welcome Matthew into our family. And I have a feeling these two will do great things together.

Venue: The River Bend Venue

Hair: La Belle Mariee

Video: Finet Productions

Photography: Evangeline Renee


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