Adam and Katie Engagement | The Indianapolis Art Museum

Flowy Blue Dress Engagement Shoot

Adam has been around the same circles as Katie for many years. He even started going to the same church as her at one point. They were friends and in the words of Adam, “I viewed her as nothing more than an outgoing, pesky (though surprisingly endearing!) young whipper snapper.” She was 5 years younger than him and he never considered her anything more than a fun friend. They both got older, lived life, learned, and grew. On one fateful day of frisbee golf, everything changed. Both Katie and Adam felt a strange and new excitement about spending the day together. It was the beginning of their deepening friendship, one that turned into love.

Katie texted the group chat and asked us to look out for a fabulous blue dress. She had a vision for her engagement shoot that was coming up. Her aunt Emma went to work with her mad online shopping skills and found exactly what Katie had in mind! We held our breath hoping that it would arrive in time and to everyone’s delight it came in time and was just as amazing as the pictures showed. Katie kept saying she felt like Cinderella walking around The Lily House.

Now they’re getting married and everyone is thrilled for them. In the words of Kaite, “he’s the chill to my crazy”. They balance each other out so well and are a delight to hang out with. We had a wonderful time on their shoot and can’t wait for the wedding!

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  1. Rebecca Huff-Cook says:

    Totally awesome! These pics capture the essence of who you both are as a team! Adam, thanks for loving my granddaughter in such a magnificent way!
    Love, Grampy

  2. Tracey Champion says:

    Katie, it’s wonderful to see you SO happy!! You look stunning! You have walked through many hills and valleys to get to this point. All the while, you held onto the hand of Jesus and stood by your convictions. What an inspiration you are!! Emilee and I are so happy for you!! Congratulations on your engagement to the man you prayed and waited for!❤️

  3. Sophia O says:



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