Alea and Branden : 40’s Style Engagement Shoot | Danville IN Engagement Photographer

You saw Alea and Branden before in these pictures, now I’ll show you the vintage, 40’s style part of the shoot. Alea really likes the forties, and Branden tells me he likes bikes, so they married them together and we came up with this shoot.
Oh, and happy birthday, Alea!

I hope all you blog readers have a truly special Thanksgiving! I’ll be posting our family festivities over on the family blog.
Signing off, I gotta go plan my pie making schedule.

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  1. How cute!! So many people go for a 20's or 30's look; I think this is the first 40's style I have ever seen and it is fabulous!

  2. These are so cute and fun – especially the Mayberry police car. 🙂

  3. Phia says:

    Mmmhhhmmm…especial favorite, 2nd from the end. =]

  4. Summer says:

    Oh I love this shoot Evy! Anything vintage gets me really 😉 Splendid job!



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