Alaska Elopement Photographer : Joel and Rebekah

Alaska Elopement Photographer

I literally don’t have words for this Alaska elopement. When Joel and Rebekah contacted me and told me they were eloping in Alaska I was beyond excited! I had always wanted to shoot a small wedding on a cliffside somewhere. Unfortunately, the timing was going to be rough for me. As each day passed and things fell into place I couldn’t believe it was actually going to happen! It was going to be a quick trip, just long enough for me to shout a little the day before and then shoot the wedding. I wasn’t going to be able to fit a lot in but it takes you all of 5 minutes out of the Anchorage airport for you to realize how beautiful this place is. I’ve never seen anything like it. Rebekah said she always wanted to get married in a place that made her feel small. Well, a mile up on the side of a cliff overlooking gorgeous Alaska, I’d say she got her wish.

“…you’ve never seen a couple happier to be married”

The weather was just gorgeous. I don’t think anyone could have asked for a prettier day for these two to tie and knot. And you’ve never seen a couple happier to be married. And after they came “down the aisle” the smiles on their faces were so cute and genuine. After two years of dating, they were finally man and wife. These two thought through every single detail of their ceremony. They had beautiful symbolism everywhere. From foot-washing to how the bride entered the clearing. After the ceremony, it was “playtime” for me. We had a blast getting all their portraits as the sun was setting behind the mountains. And just for good measure, we went down to the water to finish the evening. I still can’t believe this was real life and I’m so very happy for these two!

It was truly a highlight of my career to document this day for you, Joel and Rebekah. Thank you so much for having me.
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Alaska Elopement Photographer

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