Dan and Katie : Proposal

I have a very special proposal to share with you today! My oldest niece, Katie just got engaged last week! I was very happy when I got the top-secret call from Dan asking if I could be there to capture his proposal. He had thought everything out and got his family and some friends involved to help the vision come to life. It was a pretty great vision as you’ll see. The thing about planning events for Fall time is dealing with unpredictable weather. It could rain, it could be hot, it could even snow, you never know around here! I don’t know how many times the plans got moved around due to the forecast but I hear it was a lot. I do know that with helping hands and creativity the proposal turned out absolutely gorgeous.

Dan knew it would be special to propose in the same location they “officially met” at. It was also neat because it happened to be her grandparent’s lake house. There were lights, candles, and lanterns everywhere adding such a great atmosphere. And Katie was especially excited about the rugs covering the dock, totally her style. There were custom signs and pictures, fresh flowers, and cozy blankets. The decorating team did amazing.

I’ve never ever seen Kaite so completely shocked and happy. She could hardly get words out but she did manage to say ‘yes’ many, many times. Just in case there was any confusion as to her answer. And the ring was exactly what she had hoped for. Dan and Katie, we’re all very happy for you and pray the Lord continues to lead you in your relationship and as you set off on this new journey together.

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  1. Rebekah says:

    I love this Evy!!!! Thank you so so much for posting this and taking the pictures!! Beautiful!!

  2. Stephanie Stephens says:

    Beautiful 🎉💍❤️

  3. becky eberts says:

    Beautiful event! Beautiful photography! Congratulations Dan & Katie!

  4. Becky Huff-Cook says:

    As always beautiful scenes portrayed showing love! Great job Evy!


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