Columbus Indiana Photographer : Allison and Tyler | Engagement Shoot

Columbus Indiana Photographer

I was so happy when Allison asked me to take engagement pictures for her and Tyler! Allison is my husband’s cousin and I hadn’t met Tyler yet so I was glad to meet this guy that is joining the family! I’ll cut to the chase, I approve. Tyler is a pretty cool guy and I’m excited to see these two together!

They’ve actually known each other all through middle school, high school and college, so it’s safe to say that they’ve seen each other at the very peak of adolescent¬†awkwardness. Or maybe they weren’t awkward, maybe they were exceptions. Either way, there’s something sweet about longtime friends falling in love and deciding they never want to be apart.

I had literally just said that the shoot was over when the first raindrop hit my face. We walked to the car as it started to downpour. We walked under the trees and tried not to get wet. I eventually asked if they just wanted to shoot in the rain because we could, and they were game!

All in all, I think my second cousin is gorgeous and I’ve never seen her so happy. And I think Tyler will make a great addition to the family and I look forward to getting to know him better with each family gathering.

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